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Posted by joyce4books on August 24, in Uncategorized. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Merry Yellowstone Christmas 24 Aug. Lohse is available on e-book from Amazon.

Merry Yellowstone Christmas

Leave a comment Posted by joyce4books on August 24, in Uncategorized. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Though currently out of print, this book can still be found in many public libraries. In , Mary Bradshaw Richards and her husband traveled from their home in New York City to Yellowstone for a nine-day camping tour of the park.

Her letters to the Salem Observer formed this pleasant account of the many places they saw and the colorful people they met. This edition includes helpful background information, annotations, and many historical photos. In less than a minute, the entire side of a mountain collapsed, sending a deadly landslide into the narrow canyon below, blocking the Madison River, and causing it to form what is now Earthquake Lake. The slide resulted in the burial of several campers at a popular campground, crumbled roads up to and in Yellowstone National Park, and damaged the Old Faithful Inn.

In the end, 28 people were killed. The details of this disaster are carefully told in The Night the Mountain Fell by a man who began on-site research for this book within hours of the disaster. A Yellowstone Album is described in the introduction as "the foremost photographic celebration of Yellowstone's rich and eventful history ever published. Accompanying each photograph is a descriptive paragraph.

A Yellowstone Savage - Life in Nature's Wonderland (Paperback)

Through his writing, it is obvious Dunraven enjoyed Yellowstone for its beauty and adventure. One of his favorite camping spots was in the area of what is now known as Dunraven Pass. Barber Mountain Press Publishing Company, Missoula, Montana, As its title suggests, this book is filled with black-and-white photographs of Yellowstone from days of the early explorers up to around Photos on all pages--many full page, with descriptive text and quotes throughout.

Includes photos of Fort Yellowstone, Wylie camps, park hotels, early automobiles, tourists, rangers, and more. Also includes brief park history leading up to construction of the Inn, and mention of some of Yellowstone's other structures. Crisp color photos throughout, mostly of the park and the present-day Inn, with some historic photos. Life in Nature's Wonderland by Joyce B.

Book Review: A Yellowstone Savage

This is an account of the author's experiences as an employee at Yellowstone during the summer of Included is the social side of life in Yellowstone, the excitement of discovering a new trail or any of the countless other wonders of Yellowstone, the reward of making new friends, and the sadness of parting at the end of the season. Written almost thirty years after the author's working years in Yellowstone, this book recalls anecdotes, people, and places as fondly as if he had just returned home at the close of the season. Stewart began his Yellowstone working experience as a cafeteria worker in the early s and became an interpretive park ranger the next year.

At Yellowstone he met his wife, and they both returned for several summers, rangering at the Madison Museum, where they were witnesses to the deadly Yellowstone earthquake of This is the definitive work on the hundreds of geysers of Yellowstone and has been called the "geyser Bible" by the Billings Gazette. Geysers are grouped according to geyser basins, each basin having its own chapter.

The major geysers of each basin are then described in detail, including historical background as well as height, duration, and frequency of eruption. Each waterfall is given a summary description, along with an idea of how difficult it is to reach.

A Yellowstone Savage: Life in Nature's Wonderland by Joyce B. Lohse

This book carefully explains the complexities of many of the issues that have surrounded Yellowstone since its beginning. Among the many topics presented, the book discusses the controversies surrounding Yellowstone's elk and buffalo herds, its bear population, the fires of , reintroduction of the wolf, the introduction of nonnative species, and the problems of being a park whose increasing popularity threatens its well being.

One of Nature's Most Amazing Sights

Although it might appeal to a limited number of readers, this book is included here because it might interest some as it did this reviewer with its description of a 5-day package coach tour of Yellowstone in , and because of the author's unique interpretation of what Yellowstone meant to her, as well as inclusion of a few things she didn't like about the trip.

With God in the Yellowstone is a fairly quick-reading small volume, pages long and supplemented with dozens of black and white photos, mostly by Haynes. All reviews c by F.

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One of the most dramatic stories of the Montana-Yellowstone earthquake is that of the Bennett family. Their family of 6 was reduced to 2 on that terrifying night in The author describes the intent of Once Around the Sun in Yellowstone as " Rising from the Ashes of the Wildfires by Karen Wildung Reinhardt, with photos by Jeff Henry Farcountry Press, Helena, Montana, Both the writer and photographer for this book experienced Yellowstone's summer of first hand, and present in this paperback a concise overview of the historic fires. Featured are a summary of the events leading up to the fires, a fire timeline, a collection of fire statistics, and stories from several people who experienced that historic summer in various capacities.

A number of myths about the fire are exposed. Jeff Henry's color photos on almost every page throughout the book express the drama of these events and enhance Karen Reinhardt's narrative. Martin's Press, New York, This is a collection of 12 essays on the greater Yellowstone area, written by Grand Teton National Park resident and nature writer Jack Turner.

Described as "a mixture of adventure, nostalgia, and Americana," these essays describe separate adventures during all seasons and using various modes of travel: Yellowstone Nights by Herbert Quick 2. Camping Out in the Yellowstone: See bottom of this page for a list of complete searchable online versions of some of the public domain books from this booklist. This is one of a series of books about these four young men, Budge, Freckles, Alec, and Jack.