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This sheet is called a signature. Fold your paper once, and you get a 4-page signature. Fold it twice to get an 8-page signature. Fold it a third time, and you get a page signature, which is how comics today are printed. To then know what pages go where, and pointed in which direction, simply number the corners and unfold. You will now have a pagination diagram. But don't worry about doing any of this. Current technology uses scanners for reproduction and the rest of the process is completed with computers.

Like typesetting, camera reproduction has become a thing of the past. This part was more of a history lesson. Story Concept Before you can create a comic book, first you've got to have a story.

Wild Stars: The Book of Circles

In my case, this was a story I'd been trying to tell for a long time. So I had my story all mapped out. Never start something unless you know where you're going and how it will end. But, at the same time, don't be so concreted that there's no room for embellishment and expansion. The creative process should never stop. Converting the Story into Art For Volume 3, I tried several new art techniques, going as far as to hire a professional model to pose for all the panels of the Native American Shamaness featured on the cover which one Native American reviewer found scandalous I'm not posting any pictures of model Rebecca Rivera , since I didn't purchase publication rights from her agency.

But the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette did publish her cover pose when they did an article on the printing of that issue. Since Volume 3 opened in an alternate reality where Native America was never colonized, I also hit the library and started doing research and making character sketches. This issue was originally drawn back in the Nineties, when I tried a new art process by using Due-shade art paper.

New to me, at least. Due-shade paper was a main staple of political cartoons for decades, providing two different levels of screen tones by applying two different liquids. But first, I'd penciled all the pages.

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Bigger than the usual thumbnails, if I'd had a Mac computer and Photoshop back then, I probably would have gone with these. Ultimately, I wasn't that happy with the results of the Duo-shade experiment. But those pages did finally see print, as a bonus in the 25th Anniversay hardcover, released just this year Combining all the Pieces Now From this point on, I'm going to concentrate on how a writer communicates with an artist.

When you know what you want, it makes life easier for an artist. Do everything you can to let them know what your vision is, because they're not mind readers. They're professionals who make a living delivering the product that the customer wants. Since I'd already drawn the first issue of Volume 3, there was no script for that issue.

I also did not do a cover sketch for that issue. Recent changes New pages Missing pages. We are always looking for more contributors! If you're looking to help, please be bold and start editing! Remember to check out our help wiki if you're new to wikis. Areas most in need of help are The WildStar reference written and maintained by the players. Human Granok Aurin Mordesh. These particular paintings are presented mostly for mood and to keep an earthbound perspectve.

Right now Ernesto Mendez wants to know the answers that Georgian had been sent to South America to find out.

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The problem is, Georgian doesn't have the answers. As you can see here, I chose to go mostly with implied violence.

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There are, however, stronger scenes elsewhere in the series. In the last issue Volume 3 3 a man was shown in the mouth of a tiger shark, being eaten alive. So, while the Wild Stars are more intended for Teens and older readers, dealing some mature material like violence and drug abuse, with some mild nudity but no bad languange, for the most part I tried to keep the series accessable to the widest possible range of readers.

This issue is key in answering many of the mysteries that will hopefully motivate readers to continue forward. If you haven't read Wild Stars before, a lot of the ground work is explained, starting right here! When I was writing Under the Wild Stars, the novelization of Volume 3, the content of Volume 3's first issue were only told in flashback, at points like this.

Restarting the series with Volume 3 gave me a perfect chance to go back and add retro-material that'd taken place before the events of Volumes One and Two. Although I do have to admit that, before I compiled everything into the Book of Circles graphic novel, it almost required a road map to tell readers the proper order in which to read the story.

Of course, if you'd read Wild Stars Volume 1 1 way back in , you'd already know most of this. And, just for good measure, I tied it all in with the Hopi Prophecy Rock and explained the reasons for the confusion in Nostradamus' predictions. He saw events unfolding in both realities! Georgian reveals that the Artomiques knew more about the Brothan's designs on Earth, having had an alliance with them in the alternate reality. But once that reality was destroyed, the Brothan changed their plans. Earth is now slated for destruction, unless the Artomiques can convince them otherwise.

More artwork by Dave Simons , with story text omitted, is presented down the left-hand side of this page.

While Georgian was dealing with the affairs of the Artomiques back on Earth, the other two Artomiques who survived the destruction of their reality are traveling deep into space with the Brothan , looking for the man who'd destroyed their world. They think this might be the man calling himself First Marker. Plus, I can never pass on an opportunity to inject some humor!


Then, a few years later, the movie Stargate came out, and also used a pyramid design for a space vehicle. So, with Volume 3, I redesigned the city to look more like a cyrstaline structure. Didn't want anyone to think I'd done a swipe. But, speaking of Stargate, there were other similarities when Stargate Atlantis came out.

I'd already wrapped Volume 3 up a while back, and had readers tell me how familiar they found that series premiere. This time the scene is seen from the viewpoint of Genghis Champlain. As mentioned before, this same scene is also shown from yet another, third perspective, on the cover. So, with a traveling space city, you could encounter every kind of person or creature immaginable. Watch in the background for some walk throughs by some surprise guests! I've always enjoyed working with a large cast of characters. It makes the interaction more challenging and fun!

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Some of the concepts, that editors in the Seventies told me were too edgy, no longer seem so radical. Now you can enjoy the entire story in Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated -- the 25th Anniversary hardcover edition. Whereas some writers provide very loose scripts, with instructions like 'they fight for five pages', my scripts are tightly choreographed in every panel.

This page was drawn from one such sketch. But Dave still expressed himself by placing one of his own characters flying above with a furry tail. The pipe smoking sea monkey in the foreground is an obvious homage to an ad that ran for years on the back cover of comics.

If I did these pages today, there are many different techniques that I'd use. For the 25th Anniversary hardcover, Dave provided new pages for the opening scenes, which feature what is probably my best work at rendering. For anyone curious about what I mean by Rendering, I'm referring to taking an artist's raw pencils and providing shading and tone. Whereas a colorist works with colors, for a black and white comic I painted with grayscale tones.

Another character not seen since the Eighties makes his dramatic return, and he's gone through some changes! There are questions that long term readers asked: What happenned to Carthage's legs? Another question about Carthage is; "Why do the Brothan now refer to him as the Prophet? Akara of the Wild Stars suddenly breaks free from the telepathic trance she'd been in, only to discover that the entire Wild Stars Armada is now in the control of the mysterious armored man who'd stormed her command ship.

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  7. But if you pick up a copy of the orginal comic, you'll see what I'm talking about. I've always been tempted to have a trivia contest to see if readers did figure out this character's secret identity. I think I made it pretty obvious in the finale, but I didn't spell it out.

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    And here, again, is another spectacular page by Dave Simons. I sold some of the original art on Ebay for Dave , and this page did the best by far! This is also an example of Dave expressing his interpretation. If you check out the original publication, you'll notice a difference in the use of this character's eyes.