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LaTeX is much more clever with respect to line spacing, so layout might not always be exactly the same as in Inkscape. Make sure to use a continuously scalable font in LaTeX, otherwise results might be unexpected. New preferences option A new option called "Rendering tile multiplier" was added under Rendering preferences.

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Startup Performance The first start of Inkscape on Windows is much faster now. Extensions Extensions on Windows can now make use of Tkinter, without requiring users to install it themselves. Regression fixes Potentially missing command line output in Inkscape 0. Bug Extensions in the 'Raster' submenu relying on ImageMagick were broken and caused crashes in Inkscape 0.

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Bug gcodetools were creating wrong orientation points since the dpi change had been made for Inkscape 0. Bugs , , Fix crash when attempting to drag path at cap or line join. Bug Inkscape process did not exit cleanly on Windows. Bugs and , also causing Fix "Open recent" not including files with special characters on Windows. Bug File extension was sometimes omitted when adding saved files to Windows' list of "recently used documents" resulting in unusable links [1] Do not crash on systems with illegal fontconfig configurations. Bug Resolve issues when attempting to save files to non-existing directories.

Could happen for shortcuts. Allow cancellation of bitmap export. Translations The following UI translations received updates: Korean Contributing to interface translations Want to help with translations? Documentation Documentation Relaunch The Inkscape documentation repository, containing the man page, the keyboard shortcut list as well as the tutorials and their respective translation files, has been almost completely refactored Java has been dropped in favor of Python , and was updated to work with git and gitlab.

Documentation Updates The man page and the keyboard shortcut list have been updated. Where to find recent documentation Continuously updated man page for command line usage , keyboard and mouse shortcut list, tutorials and translation statistics for the various parts of the Inkscape project are available on the inkscape. Man page Keyboard shortcuts Tutorials Translation statistics for Inkscape 0. Contributing to documentation and documentation translation Contributions to the documentation translations, as well as improvements to its contents, are welcome at the inkscape-docs repository.

Known issues DPI Change: Default grids in documents created with Inkscape 0. Changing "baseline spacing" stops working Renderer: Artifacts in Gaussian blur effects with default quality settings Bug Node editor: Deselecting selected nodes of complex paths takes a long time Bug Performance: Using the objects dialog at least once in your Inkscape session slows down actions such as duplicate and delete for files with many objects.

Bryce Harrington Translation Manager: This helps your team manage its progress and respond accordingly. Understand the work completed or pushed back to the backlog in each sprint. This helps you determine if your team is overcommitting or if there is excessive scope creep. Track the amount of work completed from sprint to sprint.

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This helps you determine your team's velocity and estimate the work your team can realistically achieve in future sprints. A cumulative flow diagram shows the number of issues in each status. The team can easily spot blockages by seeing the number of issues that increase in any given state. Understand the progress towards completing an epic over time. See the cycle time for your product, version or sprint. This helps you identify whether data from the current process can be used to determine future performance. Track the projected number of sprints required to complete an epic.

This helps you monitor whether the epic will release on time, so you can take action if work is falling behind. Track the projected release date for a version. This helps you monitor whether the version will release on time, so you can take action if work is falling behind. This helps you monitor whether the version will release on time, so you can take action if the work is falling behind. Kanban methodology is based on the idea of continuous releases. Work is tracked using a kanban board that displays the statuses of work in columns and lanes. There are four important pillars to kanban to help teams ship products: Here are some tools that come out-of-the-box in Jira Software to help you run kanban with your team.

One benefit of kanban is that your team can get started with almost no overhead. With Jira Software, you can set up your kanban board with one of our default workflows and start adding issues or stories immediately. Once your team gets used to the board, you can start to customize your project, workflow and issue types to fit your team's needs. Here are some features that you can configure in Jira Software. Your kanban board will display the most relevant information for each story, issue, bug or task.

Click in to get all the details, including related source code and pull requests, priority, comments, attachments and more. WIP Work in Progress limits can be set to restrict the number of stories in each status at a time. This is important to prevent particular states from becoming bottlenecks and that issues flow smoothly through your workflow.

Add swimlanes to group work into streams by epics, assignees, or projects or whatever makes sense for your team.

Define and configure different workflows for different issue types or map all issue types on your board to a single unified workflow. Jira's workflows can be as simple or as complex as you like and change as your team grows. Historically, a kanban board was a physical board with Post-it notes or cards to represent the work items.

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Jira Software has virtual kanban boards that contains all the details for each work item, while only displaying the most pertinent information on the board itself. See statuses of issues over time or if data from your current process can be used to predict future performance. Here are some of the kanban reports that come with Jira Software.

See the cycle time for your product or version. Some agile teams have adopted mixed methodologies to support how their team works. Or kanplan, which is kanban with a backlog.

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Jira Software features can be mixed up to help these teams without constraints of their tools. Here's a break down of our agile features and what agile methodology they support. Not sure which framework is right for you? Scaling agile is on the minds of many enterprises as they try to find a way to increase productivity across their entire portfolio, while reducing waste. Frameworks that sit on top of methodologies like scrum or kanban have been developed to address scaling agile.


Close View this page in your language? All languages Choose your language. Open and close the navigation menu. Agile tools for software teams.

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Jira Software supports any agile project management methodology for software development. Fit your framework Jira Software is an agile project management tool that supports any agile methodology, be it scrum, kanban, or your own unique flavor. Tools for sprint planning Sprint planning meetings determine what the team should complete in the coming sprint from the backlog, or list of work to be done. Version management Track versions, features, and progress at a glance. Easy backlog grooming Easily re-prioritize your user stories and bugs.

Sprint planning Make your backlog the center of your sprint planning meeting. Story points Estimate, track and report on story points to help your team become more accurate in future sprints. Scrum board Scrum boards are used to visualize all the work in a given sprint. Sprint permissions Use sprint permissions to define what users can see or do in a given project. Custom issue types Develop custom issue types for bugs, stories, coffee runs, and everything in between.

Workflows Create and assemble your own custom workflow states and transitions for every issue type bugs, stories, epics, coffee runs. Release hub Quickly see what's shipping in your next release, and what's left to do to get it out the door.