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Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. An Amish home is Jacob's last chance. Giggles abound as kids try not to laugh while making animal sounds! A beautiful collection of kids' stories. Teach them, entertain them and have loads of fun with this collection of shorts, rhymes and much more!

Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More! Fun Time Reader Book 9. Perfect for parent and child bonding time and reading aloud with friends and family. Enjoy five cute short stories, games, jokes, and more! Black Cats get a Bad Rap. Children's picture book that black cats tell their fun stories in rhyme along with beautiful illustrations.

Also available in hardcover and paperback. It will all make less sense when you grow up The Italian S Tomboy Leda collides with shady Nico and his stupid dirty mag. Product details File Size: October 15, Sold by: Not Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Julia la buscadora de rocas Spanish Edition. Set up a giveaway. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? He brings them all under his banner. Friendships are formed, enemies are made, and blood is on the menu.

The Princess of Winter by Flying Thunderbird reviews When the Northern Lords express their displeasure at Brandon Stark's betrothal to a southerner, Rickard Stark decides that the answer lies in his eldest daughter, Heddara. How will the Game of thrones change when the second Stark child is fostered in the North? Complete Game of Thrones - Rated: One delivery lands her in the attentions of a certain Alpha of Alphas. Teen Wolf - Rated: What happens when Harlow and Happy make an arrangement to make his dying mother happy and it becomes more than just an arrangement?

Sons of Anarchy - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: Split by Nicknack reviews Neville didn't have a choice. For the sake of his son, he had to suck it up and play nice with his Gran. And his Gran wanted him to attend his ten year Hogwarts reunion, so here he was. Because I Love You by docsangel reviews Dani finds out she's pregnant but the man she's in love with isn't the father. How will the club react when they find out she's raped? Will the man she loves finally love her back or will she be all alone with a child she didn't plan?

FightForIt reviews They call her Bastard. She wore it as Armour. They made her a Steward. She rose to Lord Commander. They refused her call. Yet she fought for them. He outlived them all. They put him in shackles. Now he Breaks Chains. They whispered "You cannot withstand the storm. He replied "I am the storm. He is the Dragon King.

Sin Aliento - Danza Invisible, Rock en Español de los 80's

Daenerys Game of Thrones - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: Talons by Evalea reviews Queen of a separate country and the leader of a powerful tribe in Westeros, Rylee is pulled into the War of the Five Kings when the man who saved her is taken captive. When Jaime Lannister saves her life as payment for her having saved his, they form a friendship, one that Cersei doesn't like.

Feelings of more than friendship bloom and things get even more complicated. The other reason was in hopes she would one day marry one of the older Stark boys. The older woman appeared startled before she narrowed her eyes. But I've never filed any papers for him. Snape, are you sure you wish to adopt a seven year old. Tom is rather peculiar. Will be M rated Harry Potter - Rated: Lady Stark by Jpena reviews "I don't understand father? Reviews are always welcome! Choices by WackyGoofball reviews After the events in Harrenhal, Jaime and Brienne make choices, which eventually leave Brienne pregant with Jaime's child as they are on their voyage back to King's Landing.

How will the two deal with the prospect of a child? What will happen to them? This story is still in the early stages of development, so you are warned. You ain't seen nothing yet. Frozen Fire by rainonmonday reviews Eddard Stark offered her a deal. Safe return to the Seven Kingdoms but in exchange she would need to marry his son, to keep her under watch instead of killing her like Robert wanted. She accepted because she believed she could work on her plans from within. She could turn the Young Wolf in her ally. But she wasn't expecting Robb Stark not to be like the men she knew. Underneath It All by Shelbykins.

She doesn't know what she's in for. She Joined Derek's little ragtag pack as they face crooked Hunters, Lizards, and Heather fights her attraction to the one person who could kill her. What if Voldemort's thugs had actually taken the Dursleys hostage? Would Harry rescue them, and what would the outcome be? Harry Potter - Rated: The Mission by Sevy14 reviews Mutants are being attacked at random and all mutants are on the same side.

The enemy's base is in remote Canada. Victor Creed and London Roosevelt are sent to root out the stronghold.

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What wasn't clear was how Victor would react to playing house X-Men: The Stars Gazed Back by WhisperingFantasy reviews I haven't written anything in the longest time and this is my first ever attempt at something in this universe. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Zoo 2 by Aroara Starrunner reviews This is my sequel to my first story Zoo. Nine by amidtheflowers reviews There are nine moments when a man enters her life, making her feel something more than she understood. Nine moments when a man likes to consider himself Jaqen H'ghar, if only for a lovely girl.

M - English - Chapters: Dudley Dursley and the Year He Became a Man by The Lady Rogue reviews Dudley leaves Privet Drive with his parents, and spends just under a year in wizarding protection, learning some harsh realities about life. She sees the big bear of a man, and wonders at the desire she feels to distraction. The red Wildling makes his interests known, without doubt, and when she finally takes him up on his offer, she finds he is wild in more ways than one. Inspired by events in episode 4 of season 6. For many people this victory means never ending peace, but for three people in particular- it is their worst nightmare.

Petunia always hated him, as did Vernon. Dudley however has changed, can he show Harry he is no longer a spoiled brat? Of oaths and freedom by NightlyEvilTM reviews post 7x06, based on spoilers for 7x07 and going beyond. He was finally free of Cersei. He could breathe he headed north, he wondered what faith awaited him there. He wouldn't blame the STarks if they cut off his ems Brienne had rubbed off on him. He rode north-to fight the only battle that counted, and to her. Once he had promised, as only a father could, that he would find her someone worthy, someone brave, gentle, and strong.

Hopefully Jon Targaryen was that man, at least a better man than Joffery. Lilies and Thistles by skywasmadeofamethyst reviews Lily Unser comes back to Charming to be with her ailing father. She finds that the world she left behind for college is changing. Things are changing fast and she doesn't know where to stand. Soon Lily finds herself connected to someone who gives her a reason to stay in California. Is Chibs enough to keep her here? Is Lily enough to mend his damaged heart? Starts before season 1.

A Little Madness in the Spring by Beeezie reviews Robb's sister officially enters the realms of entirely too much trouble when the captured Kingslayer recognizes the stamp of old Valyria on her face. He tightened his hold on my wrist and pulled me against him, my back to his chest, his other arm going around my waist. Elia x Rhaegar fluff! What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by lenetra reviews A modern AU of interconnected one shots revolving around the unlikely friendship between the Princess of Dorne and the Lord of Storm's End.

Because Elia Nymeros Martell deserves better. Don't let me down: El amor y la amistad van a significar mucho para ella. Best friends Ezra and Mia were good with the first two but Jax Teller and Tig Trager are tempting enough to break the third. Working as the Sons bartenders should be fun right? Pero no todo es color de rosas como esperaban, y pronto lo descubren K - Spanish - Humor - Chapters: Equipped with the temper of her aunt, the dedication of her father, and the gift of her ancestors, Raya went beyond the wall in search of her half brother.

Wednesday is all grown up and has married Joel Glicker, taking over the Addams estate after Gomez's untimely death. With their children following in her footsteps, what happens when Amanda Buckman's son, Bradley becomes the object of October's affection? T - English - Romance - Chapters: Trained by the best, But when a mission goes takes a turn Toni finds herself with a bigger mission to cope with.

Blood Stains and Paint by vampheart reviews My sister was the center of everything; everyone loved her and wanted to be her. Beauty, smarts, powerful powers, and was just the person you wanted to be. I was compared to her constantly; my older sister Jean Grey is the person I hate the most. Being alone hurt in more in ways than I could describe; that is until I met him and connected because he too was alone.

Victor x OC X-Men: Enough of you have demanded more that it's no longer a one-shot! K - English - Chapters: The Bear and His Princess: Love at First Sight by Mercedes88 reviews A discussion between Rollo and Gisla about his past, current and future loves. Could turn into a series of one shots. All Hail Earl Ingstad! Because Lagertha is a boss and clearly still owns her ex-husband, and he and everyone around them knows it.

T - English - Humor - Chapters: Sansa Stark girds herself for confrontation as the north desperately prepares to fight a war against winter itself. The Brotherhood Without Banners arrives at Winterfell, bringing old faces and new challenges. Meanwhile, Petyr Baelish schemes, and Sansa must ask herself how far she will go to save what remains of her family. We won't be the places where monsters can grow by AyaWolf27 reviews A reteling of the movie yes, the movie! Neela is the adopted daughter of Captain Nemo, and she accompanies him when he is summoned to England by the mysteriour "M".

There she finds someone who, much like her, holds a secret and monstruous nature.

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Can they find the way into each others heart, or will the monsters within destroy them? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Rated: Hyde, Captain Nemo, OC. Beserker by Salad-bitch reviews "As for your question: Far, far more than you. Just when they think things have settled down the sheriffs group stumbles upon two brothers, a fallen angel, an old drunk, a mother and her daughter, and suddenly find themselves mixed into a world of things far worse than just Walkers.

Tom Branson was once a hallboy, and close friends with a young Lady Sybil. Years later, he returns to Downton as a journalist, believing no one will remember him. But someone has never forgotten. Downton Abbey - Rated: This isn't what Aidan had in mind when she moved into C Baker St. She had meant to just do her job while hiding from the people out to kill her, keeping both secret from her housemates.

A desperate compromise with Mycroft Holmes, however, changes all of this. Now she has to do her job, plus keep Sherlock safe-preferably without him knowing. Sweet Poison by CretianStar reviews Attempting the 30day challenge! Wednesday and Joel sweet fluffiness. Extended into some tangy lemons and be so fluffy the Addams' would faint.

Addams Family - Rated: He gives the pups to the group and basically follows them. This will most likely be turned into a few chaptered story. Season 1, Episode 1, of Game Of Thrones. I was a tad bored and this was an idea from a while ago. Mermaid Failbetter was the author that gave me the idea to write this. Juego por tu amor: Bella Swan es obligada a pagar la deuda de su padre: Quien ve roto su futuro feliz y su matrimonio proximo, tiene que pagar o matan a su padre.

Pero ella siente odio hacia el jugador Edward Cullen. I have recently became addicted to the show and wanted to do a fanfiction as you can probably guess my OC will be with. Monster by InuyanaIris reviews Silver's been blind since the age of five, the causes of it remain a mystery which includes the last thing she saw. A man turning into a wolf. Ever since then she's been obsessed with wolves, always checking up on the latest lore while her baby sister is at school.

Then she meets Luke Garroway and her life changes for the better. Rated M for sex, violence, language! Mortal Instruments - Rated: How does this affect the storm brewing between the North and South? Bite Sized by Kayka reviews "He's adorable, y'know, in a homicidal maniac kind of way. Also home to tiny post-"Stuck in the Middle with You" ficlets. Watch out for St Trinian's by Tristia reviews A story written a long time ago, being re-written now. Let's pretend the other film didn't happen It's the morning after the night before and Thwaites is out for revenge.

Can the girls of St. Trinian's rally together and take down the law? The Evolution Theory by CJ10 reviews "See how easily you submit to your superior," he whispered in a cruel mockery of intimacy, and even in her rage, her body betrayed her with a shudder as his warm breath ghosted over the shell of her ear. K - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Dragon's Fire by Bella4evr3 reviews Full Summary inside.

Simply, not enough room. Note - Red Wedding does not happen. This is not a plagiarized version of J. Begy-Walz-Prunty's story that has the same pairing. I just was inspired! I have talked to her, and she says it's completely different. The World Is You by Durinsdottir reviews To say the least, I was beyond shocked to suddenly find myself fifty years in the past, and even more so to realize that it wasn't my earth's past, but that of a comic book's.

With nothing more than a pinch of lunacy and a heaping of desperation, I decided to look up the only person whom I thought could help me get home. Kairos by pearypie reviews Kairos: Robert Baratheon takes a Tully bride and the golden Lady Cersei is forcibly shipped North to wed an ice cold barbarian. A death sentence for the courtly jewel - after all, what does a solemn grey beast have to offer the fairest maiden in all the Seven Kingdoms? And Jaime makes a cameo. Her new, adventurous life begins when she meet the four Sons of Ipswich, and fall in love with one of them.

The sweet, beautiful nurse had no idea what the little California town had in store for her, but she never expected to meet a gorgeous, lonely biker that would change her life forever. Scars by DancingInTheDark85 reviews Jorah and Missandei find they need each other to lean on in the immediate aftermath of the fighting pits. Jorah is fighting some personal demons which have left some very deep marks on his body and soul and Missandei tries to help. This is a friendship story. It all comes into effect after a healer helps their ill sibling and unknowingly changes the fates of the Starks like the butterfly effect.

Fire and Ice by crazy-acting reviews A girl is captured after a Viking raid. Even if she is used as a slave, she strangely feels at home. And if her true origins had been hidden from her? As a deadly enemy threatens to strike, many things can be revealed. Rated M for violence, language, sexual themes and death. She'd been tasked with the last Project that could make or break her career. That was how she found herself enrolled in the prisoner pen pal program at Stockton Penitentiary. A bird without feathers. They came to take his body away and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me.

They took him away and I never saw him again. Who comes to comfort her? What happens between Hermione and Sirius when their feelings change? I don't write lemons! Don't be intimidated by the number of chapters! The chapters get better the further you read. Harper knows what she want: All she knows is that she was dropped off at the orphanage where she was raised. Xavier brings Harper and her sisters to work for him at the school and learn how to control their powers in full. Hunger Games - Rated: He is ready to settle down and find his mate. He thinks he's found her, but convincing her to trust him, the former murderer rapist extraordinaire may prove harder than he expected.

What goes on between Roose Bolton and Walda Frey that isn't mentioned in the books, and how The Lord of the DreadFort will slowly fall for his sweet plump little wife, and face the threat his Bastard presents against this union while trying to keep his head on and Holding the North as the new Warden. Beautiful Disaster by lumiantx reviews When Claire's father gets remarried to Evelyn Danvers and moves to Ipswich, Massachusetts, she gets a new stepbrother, and encounters 'the sons of Ipswich' But when a certain bad boy comes back into their lives and endangers everyone, she gets thrown into a chaotic world, falls in love and deals with things that no one could imagine.

These are the conversations between that nun and the Vikings during the time that she is forced to spend with them. Goes beyond the Kattegat conclusion where S3 might or might not go. The Fixer by Oz reviews One brother desperate to save another from Death Row recruits an unpredictable and dangerous ally by promising redemption, but can they trust her when the price may be their freedom and their lives?

Prison Break - Rated: The Death of a Lady by Ocasionallywriting reviews Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark are travelling to the Vale in search of Arya's aunt Lysa in order to turn her in for ransom, but this version of their story is a little different AU and older Arya Rated M for a reason i. All aforementioned characters in this story are property of GRRM. I do not own any of them. Vicissitude of Fate by High Lady Nyx reviews Victor leaned close, wicked claws penetrated deep into her neck, eyes blazing and fangs on full display on his terrifyingly handsome face.

Mine," he snarled, his rumbling voice simmering with warning A perfectly ordinary human's life was altered by a chance encounter with one powerful mutant. Can Wednesday manage to remain in control or have they finally grown a back bone to stand up to her. When Robb Stark closes his eyes all he sees are Freys. Her life became unfortunate when her mother abandoned her at the age of 9.

Since then she took care of herself and she survived by doing things that she's not proud of. What will happen when 2 good looking originals get their eyes on her? How could she trust them after all she's been to? Will she let them in? Lights by chloerigby reviews Lorelei works as an assistant to the curator of the American Museum of Natural History, where a display of the history of Westeros is soon to be opened.

On a night alone, Lorelei comes face to face with a piece of history that is all too real; Jon Snow. Erik never turned and Charles can still walk, both agreeing to open an institute for all mutants. The first children they invite to be students are a gang of homeless kids struggling to survive in New York. Their leader, Scott Summers. Two Sides, Same Coin by thegypsy reviews Ragnar saves a woman from being burnt at the stake during a raid but there is more to her than meets the eye.

She has been blessed by strange gods and has many gifts. While Ragnar saved her, it is his brother who holds her attention. He is aware of her as well. Rollo begins to understand that this woman is the key to stepping out of his brother's shadow and into the light.

The Darkness In Me by ellaturner reviews Franky Finstock is just trying to get through her last year of high school like a normal teenager. Well, normal until she's bitten by Deucalion to get to Derek Hale, her best friend's older brother, and Scott McCall, the best friend of her crush. Now she's a werewolf loyal to an alpha pack that wants her friends dead. Not A Prop by SpasticPinkSkittle reviews When a shy girl gets dared to check out a show at club Exquisite, what happens when she ends up eye-level with Richie's namesake?

Magic Mike - Rated: He also presents her with a truth that will change everything. The Agency by Arcmelos reviews Extended summary in the beginning of chapter one. Percy is an Agent for a secret organisation called Olympus, he is assigned to watch over Luke and Ethan, minions of Kronos, who deals in drug, weaponry and prostitution of women deals. Annabeth is an bystander who is dating Luke and knows nothing of his double life. Nico is Percy's partner what happens? I own nothing but the plot Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: The Taming of the SheWolf by talkativebunny reviews "I have a son, you have a daughter.

Do not copy Game of Thrones - Rated: A small house with a great reputation, and the Lady Rebekah Waldorf was beautiful, unmarried and a talented huntress without a match.

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At least she thought so until she meets a certain sellsword. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Things don't go of to a good start with Elena. She does however make good friends with the one and only Mikaelson family causing more or less everyone else to hate her. Vampire Diaries - Rated: King's Blood by just a little rain reviews Lady Melisandre thought she knew how the story would play out, she thought she knew the mind of her god and the minds of men, but there was one thing she did not know… how much a father could love his daughter.

Not Ever by a-mild-looking-sky reviews Davos knew, for the girl, he would betray all the kings in the world. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: The unknown wife of Sabretooth by Ms. TrinityTeenWolf reviews Who knew that Sabretooth is married. A women with the power of destruction and a feral. They soon meet up years later working for Stryker. Can she forgive him for leaving her years ago? Set during X-Men Origins: Tywin refused to bed her then, but six years later, things change not just for Tywin, but for Alica as well. Into the Woods by Rosmund Chadwick reviews After the fall of the Brotherhood, with Jean and Cyclops dead, Victor Creed makes a deal with Charles Xavier to stay in some woods and not harm anyone to keep his freedom, but when a young hiker strays in his woods and he finds its his mate The Proposal by mermaidsahoy reviews Follows the general storyline of the movie The Proposal, with some changes of course: Sansa is an aspiring assistant at a publishing company, and Sandor is her boss from hell After they kissed, things got a little heated - Jeff and Annie ended up back in Jeff's apartment, and one thing led to another.

Three months on and he's been avoiding her all summer, but maybe her reasons for contacting him were more important than he first assumed. Ring Finger by sameoldsonganddance reviews A new girl comes to town and captures the heart of the Scottish Son but with she brings a secret that could take down the club.

AU I'm also messing with ages. Lots of family times, humor, and some action! Set in The Art of Finding Yourself verse. Eye Contact by Krysti reviews Margaret Archer is a newly homeless woman in the city of London, when she is saved off the streets by the sweet-mannered Mrs. Hudson begins tending to the scared girl, the very Sherlock Holmes enters the woman's kitchen with his newly-established flatmate, John Watson, and he notices something immediately about the small woman.

She can't look him in the eye. Alice in Walkerland by Star Jinxed Wolf reviews I'm Alice, and I'm trying not to go mad in a world that has left sanity and humanity behind. With my brother, the only family I have left, a state away, it seems like a snowball's chance in Hell I'll make it, but that isn't enough to stop me. With nobody but my dog to help me get there, I fear I might lose my mind - if not my life. It's a risk I'm willing to take. Walking Dead - Rated: The Mist seems to be fading, and the mortals can suddenly see a whole lot more than the gods would like.

Artemis' Hunters are sent to solve the problem… by whatever means necessary. Both Wolves and Hunters are in for a surprise. Will the Hunters become the hunted? Green is my Favorite Color by grimmyneko reviews Jade Parker, the adopted little sister of Peter, was the assistant of Norman Osborn until he died. Harry Osborn hasn't seen Jade since they were children, now they're both all grown up and Jade has become the assistant to Harry. Will she be able to handle his temper tantrums and fits of rage? Rated T for cursing and stuff Spider-Man - Rated: Eyes Like the Summer by grimmyneko reviews A girl shows up in the Glade and what's the first thing she does?

MinhoXOC, rated T for cursing and stuff. Maze Runner Trilogy - Rated: But when her new home and quiet life are threatened by the mystery surrounding the death of a teenager, she must find the truth to relieve community tension. Harder said than done when an old enemy gets thrown into the mix and her emotions go wild. And what is her story? Why does she travel around London with a wolf pup and a five year old boy?

Rated T to be safe. Will develop into Kid! China Blue by RiverBeds reviews Gemma's 16 year old niece moves to Charming following the deaths of her parents. Over time she morphs from a privileged, private schooled teen into a spicy, gorgeous young woman who spent her teen years in a biker club house. When an unknown threat puts her in danger, Happy is assigned guard duty. Now feelings long buried are rising to the surface and boiling over. Her father had left them when she was little, so she couldn't possibly remember her father laughing and smiling and twirling her around a brightly lit console room.

Doctor Who - Rated: K - English - Family - Chapters: When The Hunter Becomes Caged by babeelove reviews Eve Summers had believed there was no way she could finish what she had started but her hopes were lifted when she met Michael Scofield. The one man who made escaping possible. Living in an abusive household with her Uncle, Agatha has never really seen the light of day in 12 years. That all changes when the Sons come bursting into her home to kill her uncle for selling guns on their territory. Little did the Sons' know that waiting in the locked freezer was a girl.

Her plans to thrive in the new world has backfired! Now exposed to the public, Cordelia and her new council, Zoe and Queenie and the new students of Miss Robichaux's Academy are being hounded down by religious heretics American Horror Story - Rated: He doesn't know her name, he doesn't know what to make of her or what he thought she was but after saving his daughter from burning and stepping in to save Opie?

He would be an idiot to not find out who that beautiful blonde was that had eyes of a sinner and a saint. Succubus by grimmyneko reviews A girl with the power of the Devil inside her, struggles to remain in control of her body and not kill everyone around her. It doesn't help that there's a super broody, cute, blonde boy distracting her all the time, either. Not old-old I guess, although he really is ancient. He looks like he's barely pushing thirty five though, and at the time, that was old to me.

Nothing to be said about the mean part. Athaya isn't a teenager any longer. Eight years after her encounter with the king of the crossroads, she's well on her way to finding out what Azazel has in store for her, but along the road, perhaps bumping into two certain brothers wouldn't be completely out of the question As continued from last time! Do be sure to read Feeling first, though!

Badass with a hint of Beauty by Lunar Essences reviews Daryl hates the new girl that's introduced on his team The odd thing is When her uncle, Greg Lestrade, asks her to help on a case that links the muggle and magical worlds, she meets Sherlock Holmes. Will he figure out her secret?

Is he as clever as he claims to be? Will they fall for each other? Rated M for language and eventual sexual scenes. Mistaken Identity by Leonaria Dragonbane reviews A Hollywood fixer, Ray Donovan gets a new client, one about to become world famous, only she has a deadline, a very dead deadline. Can he find the man she's looking for before her time runs out. For those who know me do you have to ask X-Men: Lazarus by The Urban Spaceman reviews Waking amidst the rubble of Three Mile Island, Wade Wilson has only fractured memories of who he is, how he got there, and what's been done to him.

Determined to claim back his identity and his life, he looks for allies to help him restore what was taken from him. Victor Creed finds his little wolf after ten years. She is about to find out just how big his grudge is and he discovers a secret she's been keeping for the last ten years. Rated M for violence, language and lemons. Sequel to "The Other Option. However, as the atomic clock ticks down the strain on Erik's family begins to show.

After so many years of living out the other option, abandoning peace has its own consequences. Not So Fast to Grow Up by HallowedNight reviews Quicksilver is turned into a mischievous three-year-old by an unfortunately-placed mutant. Now, with the help of Logan and Hank, Charles and Erik must sort though their pasts, decide their future and work thought their feelings for each other while dealing with an impending war…and, even more terrifyingly, an unruly and lightning fast child.

The Living Deceased by Darkshadow reviews Blurb: When a young woman lost everyone around her due to the walkers' invasion, she has no other choice but to set off alone. Well human wise that is. She rescues two dogs before her real adventure begins, and gets into trouble along the way, needing someone to help aid her wounds, and allow her into a group. They must protect their new identities carefully and find a way to get back to where they belong before someone realises how a little magic could change the tide in the game of thrones.

The Other Option by Sheherazade's Fable reviews AU During his quest for Shaw Erik stops by a town he stayed at after the war, not expecting anything to make him want to stay. So when the woman he left behind and never truly forgot introduces him to his six-year-old daughter Lorna, things become complicated very fast.

Weardowney Knit Couture: 20 Hand-knit Designs from Runway to Reality

Is there really another option? Get even by maychelle reviews "Spirit Bound" AU. What if after "Love fades. Mine has", Rose decided that instead of being sad or getting mad, she would get even? Vlad's after graduation, dropping off the face of society. Six years later, she re-emerged as Rhiannon Mazur, daughter to the infamous Ibrahim Mazur, international model by day and Strigoi hunter by night. Vampire Academy - Rated: M - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: The Sabres soft side by Jess darkangel reviews The big bad Sabertooth finds a softer side for another mutant, yeah I know strange as it is and Lynx, a scared, tortured, lonely mutant finds herself torn between acceptance of what she is and a man who she has strange feelings for, are they part of her mutation or is she falling for him, as she senses he is for her?

He hasn't killed her and to her thats a plus. You may have your revenge by Ramadiii reviews In a raid the vikings find a very special young lady. She does not seem to fear death but is there more to this girl than meets the eye? What d'ya think happens after that? Mama by PygmyCritter reviews Judith's first words encourage Beth to have a talk with Rick about his lack of involvement with his own children. He is even more interested when, eighteen months later, one of these strange individuals moves into C Baker Street. Feels Like Home by ArmedWithMyComputer reviews 'Rick tried not to think about what Carol would assume when she saw a child with them, and how her hopes would be shattered when it wasn't Sophia.

But when Rick takes the child back to camp, a heartfelt reunion will bring out a completely new side in one of the group - one that no one could have seen coming. Beyond Hope by Hornet reviews A boy, made to survive, thrust into another world which is beyond hope. What would he find? Another life of despair, or a chance to live? The Unexpected Surprise by SlytherinWalker reviews Klaus wakes up to find an unexpected surprise on his doorstep and needs help, but who from?

Rated M just to be safe Vampire Diaries - Rated: Stairway To Heaven by Huzzah reviews Faith has been broken, tears have been cried, let's do some living before we die, and If the World Ends tonight Reencuentros inevitables by ixtab-loves-me reviews Inicia al final de "La reina en el palacio de las corrientes de aire". Mikael Blomkvist visita a Lisbeth Salander cuando ella regresa a Suecia, intentando recuperar su amistad. Mightiest of Guns by inflammatorywrit reviews She had assumed he had lived a less than idyllic life, but not the extent of the violence inflicted upon him.

So many things started to make sense: Lightly, she traced the scarring with her fingers - as though reading a book of braille, desperate for answers. To Emyli's surprise it's Daryl Dixon who arrives at her doorsteps—looking very real and not at all artificial. She discovers the secrets of her ancestors and manages to catch the eye of two Original brothers. She finds herself attracted to both, and, after a long and hard journey, learns that just because one person is your soulmate, it doesn't mean that's who you end up with. Whiskey Girl by teen-idle reviews She's lost her family, but she can make it.

Shy's always been tough and she isn't afraid to do what she needs to to survive. But life on the road's gotten lonely. Daryl Dixon lovestory, with an OC. Starts off in season 2 episode 5 "Chupacabra". Follows TWD Season 3. Keep you safe, Keep you Warm by rightwrite reviews He thought she loved her best friend, she thought he loved his rookie. How wrong they both were Game by WhiteTigerLilly reviews "Mindy has a birthmark behind her right ear, it's become my newest target. She's not easy to disarm, but get her hot and she starts to screw up. Sirens and Sailors by atothendy reviews My parents are involved in a world-wide crime ring, the X men are breathing down our necks, I accidentally killed a man, and my best friend just jumped off a cliff.

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Rated T for swears and situations. First story I've written and all, so any help is good help, yo. Greed by notinlovewithmars reviews Victor Creed is recruited to the X-Men the same day a new feral mutant is brought to the school by her parents after being attacked. All because of greed chaos ensues when the new feral's attack is not what it was first made out to be, and Victor insists on taking the girl under his wing.

Lacy and Susan have been fending for themselves for a while, but what happens when they run into another survivor? Alliances form, love blossoms, the death toll rises, and the walkers just keep coming. But the walking dead aren't the only ones they have to watch out for.

Fight the dead, fear the living. The Herd by Leonaria Dragonbane reviews One hundred years after the events of Alcatraz Island, the entire landscape of the country has changed. Mutants are not only outlawed, but identified early — and often, and the top ten thousand are slated for the Arena, an annual bloodbath where the top prize is to live…if they can defeat the champion of the Arena — The Animal. She comes to America to learn and get away from her crumbling home life.

What happens when she discovers something better than education and home? The Dilemma by Tamena reviews What do you do when you find out everything you have ever thought about your cousin and his friends is wrong? What if they really don't hate you? What if one of them loves you but you think you are in love with someone else? Salvation by Lunokii reviews While hunting, Daryl discovers a girl and her dog, both with unnatural golden eyes. They join the Atlanta group, but the survivors soon find out that they are hiding dangerous secrets. Secrets that could change the fate of the world forever.

Te aguanto por que es mi trabajo by aliencita reviews Mi nombre es Laura, trabajo para una televisora y mi deber es traer a una pedante y arrogante y egocentrica estrella de Corea a trabajar a mi pais Both of their lives change when he becomes her guardian. Criminal Minds - Rated: The Return by bearsrawesome reviews Post Season 3. Miracles do happen and Justin Ripley is living proof that death isn't always what it seems. Luther, Alice Morgan - Complete. Lily along with her little sister, Rose, and dog, Ripley, take on the hellish world before them. But they don't have to face it alone.

When all hope was beginning to seem lost, she stumbles upon a group of survivors and joins them. It was foretold and written down. Only one person knows why it happened. A nonexpendable Asset by ninelf95 reviews Callie is a high school student who never knew her father untill her mother is murdered and she is sucked into her father's world. Can she find her first love in this tumultuous world?

Or will she fail to just like her mother did? Superficial by ohyesmimi reviews El era diferente, ella era popular y admirada por todos. The Cure by lee reviews What if the cure was not an object, but an Angel?

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What if the cure had to choose you? This is all AU Season 4. I added some Supernatural. Who would say no to Dean, Sam and Castiel. They are all wonderful characters. Disconnect and Self-Destruct by GilraenDernhelm reviews AU based on the show AND the books in which a nineteen year old Arya returns to King's Landing after Daenerys' conquest of Westeros, just in time for the execution of another person she cares about. Bad Kids by TammyRoss reviews ' Nunca fui una buena chica, era la zorra mala Supongo que ahora soy peor. Wild Child by BrieDagger reviews In this story you follow two siblings, Brie and Crystal, who are struggling to survive an apocalypse.

You see them fall apart and you see them bind together. The real question is, who survives? Primarily OC with characters from the show also. Operetta, daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, falls in love with Draculogan. Will he love her back, or be repulsed by her face? You may need to know a little Les Miserables. Rated T for possible swearing. En el camino encontrara al amor, pero antes ella les demostrara a todos quien es la verdadera Isabella Swan. Even she can't stand tall against the Dixon Charm. Por ti, soy asi by yasmin-cullen reviews bella, alice y rosalie son amigas y las nerd del colegio.

Gas station girl by rosemaryleigh reviews Rick and Daryl are out on a run when they're met with a hoard of walkers. Gail Downey: Books

Rick thinks quick, and finds the nearest place to hide; a gas station, where he is held gun point. The girl holding the gun is only Join their journey to survive in this shitty place they call earth. Wildflower by Rebellwithoutacause reviews Sentiment doesn't really belong in Daryl's emotional vocabulary. There was no place for it as a child, and certainly no room now when the world's ended.

So when the camp is invaded by an unusual intruder, it's all business with her as the camp's prisoner. Until she saves their lives and shows him up. The Frail by xomisfire reviews When Victor Creed is sent to retrieve Cynthia Jaymes, he gets the surprise of his life when this frail refuses to go down without a fight. Transferred from Angelic Monster account, lost login information.

Rated for later chapters. Everything at the prison started off fine until one disgruntled prisoner ruined her brother's life. Now she's making sure her niece and nephew will be okay but her own life is shattered by a man they once knew. Daryl has become her friend over the year and he cares about her. But will he keep his promise to protect her with his life? Language Walking Dead - Rated: Re editada Twilight - Rated: What's it like to lose control? His first word by Caryl4ever reviews Rick telling stories about Carl and all Merle can think about is baby Daryl.

Super cute, your heart will jump into your throat. A Tooth For a Mark by owlish quagmire reviews So, I met this guy with sharp canines, long claws, and an obnoxious smirk And now he won't go away. Todo Empieza con Victoria's Secret by roceta reviews Ser estrella de Rock es lo mejor, a excepcion de algunas cosas, como el vivir con mi aborto inesperado, el amor que le tengo a mi mejor amigo, y la foto que mi peor enemigo, Edward, otra estrella de rock amenaza con publicar.

Registrada en Safe creative Twilight - Rated: The Rest is Still Unwritten by LauraW89 reviews Payson and Sasha disappeared after and for years nobody knew where they were, but what happens when they come back years later, only they aren't alone.. What will the gymnastics world think of this? En un acto de desesperacion, agarra al chico mas cercano, pretendiendo que es su esposo.

TH Twilight - Rated: The Two-Year-Old Matchmaker by nannyandpotocrazy reviews When Effie's sister is hospitalized, she's forced to babysit her two-year-old niece for the night. So, we are married? The girls decided to have fun with whole undercover, annoying both Morgan and Reid. What happens when Morgan and Reid decided to revenge back in their own way? Amor Fati by flowerchild reviews Payson had a plan for her life. Make It or Break It - Rated: It was so hard to leave them behind.

But what happens when one of them comes to find her? It's not a matter if Haymitch won't get along with them, it's a matter how much he won't. Post Mockingjay Hunger Games - Rated: Let's find out, shall we? Written in pure fun, so please treat it that way When they meet the women of their dreams - it turns into a nightmare.

For everyone who wanted another Toad centric story, he gets to share the lime-light I made a punny X-Men: Derek Morgan was one of those men, who believe that every woman live to their feet Apparently, there was one exception: Bella es la hermana de uno de los boxeadores del momento e hija de un boxeador retirado. Edward solo piensa en una cosa: OoC Twilight - Rated: T - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Ooc Twilight - Rated: The Covenant's splitting at the seams as Spencer deals with her family, Caleb finds himself in love and Aria falls for her new teacher.