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The town of Heather's Forge holds deep dark secrets and when Allie Garrett inherits the town Inn, she also gets a clue finding cat and a mystery. A Marine on loan to the CIA caught in a conspiracy contrived by those he trusts most. Jack Noble is part Reach, part Bourne, and all action. Product details File Size: November 15, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Citizen Warrior - The 4th Branch. What if the government fails to protect its people against enemies foreign and domestic and citizens take matters into their own hands?

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The Jack Emery Series: This boxed set has almost pages of value. The Brandt Series Box Set: Chuck Brandt Action Thrillers Books Nobody knew who Chuck Brandt really was, but they should've known better than to target him.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention alex cross james patterson cross fire kyle craig cross series page turner another great cross books great book patterson books good read fast paced cross novels love alex bad guy great read edge of your seat story line fbi agent max siegel. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Cross Fire is James Patterson at his best. The story picks up where I, Alex Cross concluded with Kyle Craig making his presence known to Alex, and reminding Alex of his intentions to kill him and his family..

Kyle take on the facial features, voice pattern and mannerism of an Agent Max Siegle. Siegle had been undercover for many years. So Kyle was able to kill him and assumed his identity, through plastic surgery with little fanfare. In the meanwhile, Alex and his team are chasing a team of killers- The killers are well-trained sharp shooters tasked with killing prominent people. Consequently, Alex and Sampson are chasing the mathematician killer. Bree and Alex are planning their wedding in the mist of the mayhem and murders.. Vintage Alex Cross and Patterson..

Not sure, and sad, The Mastermind is gone.. He is so evil, yet intriguing, it is amazing that someone could be so intelligent and evil in the same breath. Only time will tell if KC is really gone this time I should probably start by saying that I think this book would be much better if you have read previous Alex Cross books. I jumped into this one because I was told that you can pick up any of them and start reading.

Cross Fire

I was exposed to James Patterson through another series of his one with a co-author and I find that this one is very different. Although I enjoy most of the writing, there are parts that I feel like I got lost or missed something I had luckily noticed the bad ink because I was looking through it for some random reason before I started reading it. I'm not opposed to reading on the kindle, but my kids steal the kindle a lot so I wanted to make sure I could read whenever I wanted.

I ultimately ended up with a kindle edition and it worked out fine. With his style of writing shorter chapters , it's not too bad to read on the kindle for me. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A two-man sniper team with the latest made rifle taunt Dr. Cross as they apparently indiscriminately kill unrelated people. Alex investigates the murders in his way, and becomes involved with a murder that involves an unsolveable mathematical problem. He is also plagued by his arch nemesis Kyle Craig and has to deal with that in the back of his mind. He manages to solve the sniper killings and the math killings, then gets married.

While on the honey moon a shocking twist develops and has to be taken care of without weapons available. An exciting read that keeps reader fully involved with accurate discriptions of muders and crime scenes. I thought the end of the mastermind would be more thought provoking than a generic alex cross boxing match. Alex cross is a cop with training in boxing. When leaving, Denny kills Mitch, citing it as "just business". The next day, Alex is at the scene and tries to figure out where the sniper shot. He goes to the museum, and finds Mitch's body.

Before Denny can kill Alex, Siegel shoots and kills Denny, who earlier killed his former sniper-hit-list employer. Alex and Siegel finally become actual friends, with Alex thanking Siegel.

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With the sniper case having come to an end, Bree and Alex finally get married. Upon arriving at their hotel room - with the Cross family.

Bree and Alex spend the night alone together, and make love. However, the next day Siegel comes for a visit, unbeknownst to Alex, who receives a phone call from Kyle Craig. Craig - without saying it - implies that he is Max Siegel. Alex and Bree soon figure it out, and upon trying to stop Craig, Alex chases Kyle and they start fighting.

Alex overpowers him, and shoots him in both the legs, making Craig handicapped.

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Paramedics and two cops come. While Craig is being taken away, he grabs a cop's gun and shoots his oxygen tank in the paramedics' vehicle, blowing up the vehicle, killing the paramedics, Craig, and the two cops. Alex is sort of glad that Kyle is dead, deciding he may write a novel based on his and Craig's adventures in friendship into enemies, and Craig's final stand which ultimately led to his death. Alex and Bree then go on and continue their honeymoon, finally at peace.

This book has two intertwined plots. The primary one involves a series of sniper murders of high-profile persons.

Cross Fire (Alex Cross, book 17) by James Patterson

Detective Alex Cross and Bree Stone are planning their wedding, but must put their wedding plans on hold to investigate the few clues of the first set of murders and then try to find the perpetrators as more murders are committed. The readers at the novel's start are shown how Craig kills a person, so he can, through plastic surgery, assume his identity and move undetected to Cross. Meanwhile, the FBI is involved with the sniper case and agent Max Siegel has been assigned to the case.

Cross and Siegel do not mix well. Siegel makes amends with Cross, even saving Cross's life. A kidnapping has occurred - President Coyle's kids have been kidnapped. With no leads, Alex soon becomes puzzled in several ways, and it doesn't help when the FBI and others, don't give him the details and information on both cases. With a supercharged blend of action, deception, and suspense, Cross Fire is James Patterson's most visceral and exciting Alex Cross novel ever. Cross Fire Author s: Cross Fire Alex Cross Author s: Little, Brown and Company Availability: Alex Cross 17 Author s: